Connecting people, projects, and places.

We don’t just hand over the trout, we teach you how to fish.

Blue Orange consulting will complement existing community-based initiatives, through the addition of implementation capacity. We shepherd, quarterback and mentor to show people where to find resources and along the way, prop them up so that they can do future projects, on their own. We have an emphasis on the greater Grand Traverse region of northwest lower Michigan, but love we exploring and are able to work anywhere.

We work with a network of developers, lenders, philanthropists, lobbyists, lawyers and grass roots rock stars who are able to plug in to any endeavor as needed. Our target clients are Municipalities, Developers, Nonprofits, Networks, Community Groups/Volunteers, Businesses, and CDFIs or other non-traditional financing organizations, to name a few.

We are not masters of all, but we are curious people. We figure stuff out.

Our Services Include

Resource Development

Fundraising, grant writing, campaign consulting, non-traditional financing, securing and leveraging public dollars.

Facilitation and Community Convening

Strategic networking and planning, and regional project integration.

Project Management and Community

Research, feasibility studies, team design and coordination and launching new partnerships and initiatives.

Ready to make a change in your community? We can help.